Trim and Crop

You can quickly set In and Out points, trim clips in the Timeline, crop, and more.



To trim, use the [ ] buttons on the left side of the app's timeline.

  • The in-point in the sequence where the clip begins and the out-point in the sequence where the clip ends.

Using Frame Number vs. Timecode

To set the trim by frame number, select frame number instead of timecode in the preferences menu.

  • Allows for more precise control over the range of the selected video.
  • This setting will also change the length of Previews in Video AI to be displayed in frames instead of seconds.


To crop, locate the crop tool which is denoted by a crop icon on the left-hand side of the app.


Choose an aspect ratio or set a custom height/ width/ x/ y axis or use the crop handles to adjust the selection.

Keep in mind:

  • To save, press Apply.
  • To cancel, press Cancel.
  • To reset, press the circular Reset button next to the cropping label.


Encoders and Containers