Use the Selection tab to choose specific areas of the image for precise edits. You can isolate particular sections and also combine and overlap them to create complex composites.



The Denoise, Sharpen, Adjust Lighting, and Balance Color enhancements share the same Selection tab.

Enhancement Menu

Auto Selection

Choose between automatic masking options: All, Subject, Background, Portrait, Landscape, Sky, and None.

Display Color

Select the color and opacity of the mask based on personal preference and image compatibility.


Use the slider to soften and slightly extend the hard edges of the mask to gradually blend with the rest of the image.

Tool Type

Choose between the Superpixel, Standard, or Object Selection brushes.

The Superpixel brush detects the boundaries between objects and backgrounds and makes educated guesses about which areas should be masked.

The Standard brush is a regular masking brush.

The Object Selection brush is similar to Superpixel except it is specifically tailored for identifying and selecting entire objects.

Brush Size

Use the slider or text box to adjust the size of the brush.


Toggle between adding and erasing the mask with the brush.

Recover Faces, Preserve Text, and Upscale have different Selection tabs.

Different Selection

Recover Faces

Select faces either by choosing one of the categories in the Selection tab or clicking on them in the image preview.

Select Faces

Preserve Text

The mask is the first thing that appears when the Preserve Text filter is enabled. It cannot be skipped because it is applied directly to the input image and overwrites the other layered filters.

No text is selected by default. Adjust the brush size and mask the text in the image. Click the Subtract button to unbrush portions of the mask and the Select None button to clear it entirely.

Select Text

Choose Select All for images predominantly consisting of text. Keep in mind the masked area is not affected by other filters.

Select All Text


The Upscale filter applies to the entire image. It fundamentally resizes the entire image so specific portions of it cannot be masked and isolated. You can crop or resize instead to focus on particular areas of interest.


The Remove Tool is a generative enhancement. The Controls tab and the Selection tab are combined.

Remove Tool Settings

Select the object you want to remove and then click Remove Selection. Watch the video below for a quick tutorial.

Read this article for more information about the Remove Tool.

Supported Cameras