Recover Faces

Clarity in facial features enhances an image’s communicative value. The Face Recovery filter recovers small or low resolution faces by generating a high quality version and blending it with the current face.

Face Recovery


Use the Controls tab to select the AI model and adjust the settings. View the Selection article for more info on how to adjust the mask and select different parts of the image.

Recover Faces Controls

When to Use

Low Resolution Faces

Use the Face Recovery filter on low resolution faces, even if it is large and takes up most of the image. Resolution is measured in pixels.

Low Resolution Face

Small Faces

Use the Face Recovery filter when the faces are small and far away from the camera. The model generates the best results when the face still has sufficient detail. See the full image and zoomed-in portion below.

Full Image
Zoomed in Portion

When Not to Use


Using the Face Recovery filter can over-process faces that are already high resolution. This causes a loss of detail and creates a “plastic” feeling because it is too smooth.


Out-of-Focus Faces

Do not use the filter for out-of-focus images. The lack of detail hinders accurate facial reconstruction and generates unrealistic artifacts.



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