Previous Model Versions

Enabling the previous model versions allows you to download all legacy versions of the models that have been removed from the most up-to-date build.

To access these models, open Topaz Video AI and select File > Preferences > Application, and select Enable Previous Model Versions.


Available Legacy Models

Motion Deblur

Themis v1 (unsupported on macOS)

Frame Interpolation

Apollo v5
Apollo v6
Apollo v7
Chronos v1 (unsupported on M1/M2 Mac)
Chronos Fast v1
Chronos Fast v2


Proteus v1
Proteus v2
Artemis High Quality v10
Artemis High Quality v11
Artemis Medium Quality v10
Artemis Medium Quality v12
Artemis Low Quality v10
Artemis Low Quality v12
Artemis Medium Quality Halo v1
Artemis Strong Halo v1


Custom Encoder Options