Second Pass Enhancement

Some Video AI users have experimented with stacking multiple Enhancement models together to create a higher-quality output file from Video AI.

This would previously have required users to export a first 'layer' of Enhanced footage to be re-imported to Video AI and processed again. As of version 3.4.1, the app includes an option in the preferences menu to enable this mode without needing to export in two separate steps.

Enabling Second Enhancement

'Second Enhancement Control' must be enabled from Preferences -> Application -> General.

'Second Enhancement Control' must be enabled from Preferences -> Application -> Advanced.

Once this toggle is enabled, a new 'Add Second Pass' button will be available in the Enhancement filter control panel:


Using Second Enhancement

There are many possible combinations of filters that can be used in this mode, but here are some common scenarios that may be a good application of Second Enhancement:

  • Deinterlacing and enhancing footage with Iris or Dione, followed by Nyx or Proteus for scaling and denoising.
  • Scaling standard-definition video to HD using Artemis, followed by Gaia HQ to further scale to 4K.

Intermediate Resolutions

There is an additional toggle available in the Second Enhancement menu that allows users to manually set the 'intermediate resolution' -- the size of the output of the first Enhancement filter pass.

These options are equivalent to selecting 1x, 2x, or 4x Upscale from the Resolution Control setting in Single Enhancement mode.


As an example, we can look at a use case where a video clip is being scaled from 540p to 2160p. This is a 4x increase in dimensions, and can be accomplished in several ways:

  • First Enhancement 1x Second Enhancement 4x
  • First Enhancement 4x Second Enhancement 1x
  • First Enhancement 2x Second Enhancement 2x

In Auto mode, the Intermediate Resolution will be set to 2x, and the Second Enhancement filter will also run in 2x mode. If you'd prefer to run a specific model in a specific scaling mode, the manual option can be used to specify the scale factor of the first pass.

Command Line Interface