Importing, Previewing & Exporting

Learn how to import, preview, and export.

Importing Video Files

There are two ways to bring file(s) into the app.

  • Open the app and select Browse. From here, select the video files.
  • Drag and drop files directly into the app.

Video AI supports a wide variety of video codecs and containers. For a full list of compatible input files, please refer to this chart for libavcodec.

Importing Image Sequences

Import image sequences using the same steps listed above.

When using an image sequence make sure that:

  • All frames need to be in one folder
  • Frames are in consecutive order.
  • At least 5 frames in the sequence.

Video In Menu

The "Video In" menu will display the input file's resolution, aspect ratio, and frame rate.


Video Out Menu

The "Video Out" menu will allow you to alter the output file's resolution and frame rate.



Use the toggle switch to enable filter(s). We recommend using one to two per file.


Output Settings Menu

The Output Settings menu allows you to alter the export encoder, container, and audio settings.


Generate Previews

To generate a preview, select the resolution, filters, and output settings and press the Preview button.



  • You can select up to 15 seconds to preview and you can adjust the view and zoom to inspect the results.
  • You can generate as many previews as you need.
  • The progress of each preview will be shown in the Output library.
  • A purple progress bar and an ETA will appear for each file.
  • Once the preview is ready, you will see a green checkmark.
  • To view the Preview using your default video player, double-click on the preview or use the triple dot menu to open an external player.

Export Files

Once you have inspected the preview, you are ready to export.

By default, the exported file will be saved to the input file's location.

  • You can select the carrot next to Export to choose Export As if you wish to change the save location. As a note, Save As is not available when batch exporting.

Pausing & Resuming Exports

In Video AI v5, exports can be paused and resumed even after closing the app or rebooting your system.

Paused exports will be saved in multiple segments and joined together once processing completes.

The following settings must be enabled in Preferences -> Export for pause/resume to be available in the app menu:


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