My Sharpen AI Plugin for Lightroom Is Not Working

Follow the steps below to reset your Sharpen AI plugin in Adobe Lightroom Classic.

Step 1

In Lightroom Classic, open Preferences.


Step 2

Click the External Editing tab at the top of the window, then click the Preset box below.

Find Presets

Step 3

Click the Sharpen AI preset in the dropdown, then click Delete preset "Topaz Sharpen AI"...

Find Sharpen AI Preset

Step 4

Click the Clear button and close Lightroom completely.

Clear Applications

Step 5

Launch Sharpen AI from the Applications folder. After it has fully loaded, close Sharpen AI again.

Step 6

Launch Lightroom and use the new Topaz Sharpen AI preset.

Sharpen AI Preset

DeNoise AI

Sharpen AI v3.3 is in Trial Mode But I Own The App