User Guide

The Gigapixel AI interface has eight different sections:

  1. Main Menu
  2. Preview
  3. Navigation
  4. Status Update
  5. File List
  6. Features Panel
  7. View Options & Zoom
  8. Feedback Button

Use the main menu to learn more about Topaz Labs, find your preferences, change your view settings, look for shortkeys, and request help.


To find your Preferences:

(MAC) Topaz Gigapixel AI > Settings

(WINDOWS) Edit > Preferences



The preview area shows your imported image and what the final output of your enhancement looks like when you are ready to save.

When your enhanced image is zoomed in, you can use the navigation to manually select a specific area you want to see in the Preview.

Status Update

After you select an enhancement to apply to your image, Gigapixel AI shows when it has completed the enhancement to view in the Status Update.

A check mark next to "Preview Updated" indicates the AI Processor has made the enhancement ready for Preview.


File List

The File List is the collection of images imported into Gigapixel AI in one session. See details of each enhancement you've made to each photo as well as process multiple images at the same time.

How to Read the File List

How to Read the File List

Features Panel

The Features Panel showcases all the enhancement filters you can apply to your images.

Features Panel Details

Features Panel Details

Preview Options and Zoom

Compare and contrast your image before and after an enhancement is applied through multiple views.

There are 3 view configurations:

  • Single View - The entire edited version shows in the preview
  • Split View - The image is split by a white line with the original version displayed on the left and the edited version on the right. Click and drag the line across the image to view the edit.
  • Side-by-Side View - Shows the original version and the edited version side-by-side to compare them

Customize your Zoom setting by using the slider bar located in the Zoom menu.

Use the magnifying glass symbol to review your previewed image at different zoom magnifications.


The Capture Feature screenshots your before and after images while in Split View or Side by Side view only.

Click on the Camera icon Next to "Capture" to take the screenshot.


Feedback Button

Love Gigapixel AI but want us to add a specific feature or tool? You can share your thoughts and notes about the program with our Feedback tool.

Once you click on the button, a separate tab opens to the Topaz Labs Community page where you can leave all your feedback in any of the forums.