Preserve Text

The Preserve Text filter makes text as readable as possible. It optimizes text presentation by correcting issues such as poor focus, motion blur, small text, low-quality text, and artifacts.

Preserve Text


The mask is the first thing that appears when the Preserve Text filter is enabled. It cannot be skipped because it is applied directly to the input image and overwrites the other layered filters.

Mask Settings

No text is selected by default. Adjust the brush size and mask the text in the image. Click the Subtract button to unbrush portions of the mask and the Select None button to clear it entirely.

Select Text

Choose “Select All” for images predominantly consisting of text. Keep in mind the masked area is not affected by other filters.

Select All


Use the Controls tab to select the AI model and adjust the settings. View the Selection article for more info on how to adjust the mask and select different parts of the image.

Preserve Text Controls


Low Resolution

Use the Low Resolution model to preserve small text. It is best used when the text is a small part of a larger image.

Low Resolution


Use the Noisy/Compressed model to preserve text in noisy or compressed images. It removes the noise to preserve the text under it.




Use the Strength slider to control the degree of generation that the AI model will use to preserve the text. The auto-select value will start low because setting the strength too high causes the text to look unrealistic.

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