Legacy Applications

Get download links, license key instructions, and information about programs and plugins that are no longer developed by Topaz Labs.

What Are Legacy Programs?

Legacy programs are discontinued programs that we are no longer developing or selling. In some cases they have been replaced with newer software.

Potential Conflicts

Legacy programs may not work in the future due to changes in your operating system, hardware, drivers, or conflicting software. As a result, the support we can provide for these programs is limited.

License Keys

Legacy AI Programs

As our AI research and development has evolved, we've discontinued some programs and consolidated others.

Original download links to these discontinued programs can be found here. They will function as trial software by default, but if you have a user license and compatible hardware, they should still work in most cases.

AppMac InstallersWindows Installers
Adjust AIMacWindows
Mask AIMacWindows
Jpeg to Raw AIMacWindows
DeNoise AIMacWindows
Sharpen AIMacWindows

Studio and Studio 2

Studio 1 is commonly referred to as Classic Studio. Studio 2 replaced Classic Studio and consolidated many of the plugins that were used in Classic Studio into a single program.

In 2020, we made the decision to focus on our Image Quality applications and discontinue our "creative" apps. Studio 2 was discontinued at that time.

AppMac InstallersWindows Installers
Classic StudioMacWindows
Studio 2MacWindows

Classic Plugins

If you purchased these classic plugins/programs in the past, you will need your license key to re-activate your program after you install it.

AppMac InstallersWindows Installers
BW EffectsMacWindows
Lens EffectsMacWindows
Star EffectsMacWindows
Texture EffectsMacWindows

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