User Interface

Understand the Topaz Video AI user interface.

Launch Screen

Drag and drop a file onto the interface or select Browse to locate the file(s) you wish to enhance and upscale.


Using the Video Library

The video library will display the files you are working with. You can add or remove files at any time with ease.


Keep the following in mind:

  • Files will be displayed in the order that they are imported.
  • When working with a large batch, use the scroll bar or mouse wheel to scan through the files.
  • To adjust the segments in Topaz Video AI drag the horizontal line that separates the in-app video player from the library up or down.
  • Add additional files by dragging and dropping or using the + icon.
  • A file count will be displayed to keep track of the number of files loaded.

To remove a file, select the triple dot menu and Close Input or use the keyboard shortcut.


Playback and Video Edit Toolbar

Use the playback and video edit toolbar to control playback on previews, crop, trim, and more.


Move the playhead to scan through the file and determine which section of the file you wish to preview.

When you move the playhead, you'll see the length of the file and specific timestamp.



Use the [ ] buttons to select the range of the input video that will be processed during exports. Keyboard shortcuts I and O cam also be used to set this range.


Choose from one of the default presets or use the + icon to create your own. Presets can be edited from the Edit menu option.


Video In & Out Menu

Use this menu to review the input file's resolution and frame rate and to set the exported file's resolution and frame rate.



Topaz Video AI offers many filters that have been trained for specific use cases. Maximize your experience by learning more about filters.


Enable one filter or two filters. Hovering over the filter sections will reveal tooltips to familiarize yourself with the models.

Go deeper into Topaz Video AI's Filters.

Output Settings

Select the encoder, container, and audio selection for your exports.


Go deeper into Topaz Video AI's encoder and container options.


Previewing will determine if the best filter(s) have been selected for your project.

  • Select a preview range from 1 second to 15 seconds.
  • Press Preview to preview your selections.



Exporting your file is the final step in the Topaz Video AI workflow.

  • Select Export to save the file to the default output location.
  • Select Export As (right click) to save the file to a new location output location.


Importing, Previewing & Exporting