Resize mode

Use the Resize Mode to upscale your image.


There are three modes to select from:

  • SCALE - upscale your image by a multiplier of up to 6x
  • WIDTH - upscale your image by inputting a custom width size
  • HEIGHT -upscale your image by inputting a custom height size

Custom Scale Multiplier

  1. Resize Mode > Select Scale
  2. Click "Custom"
  3. Type your multiplier in the "Custom scale" box and press Enter.

Custom scales can be specified by up to 2 decimal points.


Use a Custom scale of 1x to enhance your image without upscaling

Foreign Keyboards can use the comma key instead of the period. For example, enter a custom scale of 1,5 instead of 1.5.

Change your PPI or PPCM

  1. Go to Resize Mode > Select Width or Height
  2. Click on drop down arrow to change the unit of measurement from “PX” (pixels) to “IN” (inches) or “CM” (centimeters)
  3. Type in your Pixels per Unit

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