Upscale & Resize

Upscaling/Resizing intelligently generates new pixels to increase image size and improve image quality. AI models improves image quality to clean up imperfections due to minor noise and reduces blurry edges to increase detail.

Resizing & Resolution

Turning on Resizing will automatically upscale to 2x when enabled.

Upscale Menu

The Resize menu displays the following information:

  • scale options, with shortcuts for upscaling 2x, 4x, 6x (Max)
  • width and height dimensions
  • units for dimensions and a resolution section when Inches (In) or Centimeters (Cm) is selected
  • estimated output file size

You can manually input the output scale and or width/height dimensions. Click on the PX unit for a dropdown with In or Cm. Select In or Cm to display resolution and enter the output file resolution.


Scale an image by 1x to maintain image size and increase image quality by to clean up imperfections due to minor noise and reduces blurry edges to increase detail.

Images can be downscaled (smaller than the original size) to decrease the image size while maintaining the highest quality possible.

Topaz Photo AI will upscale your image width and height up to 6x in one pass. The maximum image size it can output is 32,000 pixels on the longest edge. The largest image that it can output is 32,000 x 32,000 pixels (1024 megapixels).


Upscale/Resize comes with four AI models.


For medium-quality images from point-and-shoot cameras and older smartphones

High Fidelity

For high-quality images from DSLRs and most modern smartphones


For art and computer-generated images

Low Resolution

For low-quality images that have been highly compressed

Enhance Resolution Models


Enable/disable Upscale/Resize by clicking the toggle.

Upscale Toggle

The AI models have up to three sliders to control the processing:

  • Suppress Noise: reduces noise in the image
  • Remove Blur: improves the details by correcting pixels on edges
  • Fix Compression: reduces distortion due to low starting quality
Upscale/Resize Model Controls

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