The Sharpen filter detects existing details in the image and uses them to recreate details lost to blur.

Use it to save your blurry images caused by:

  • poor focus
  • movement during shooting
  • shallow depth of field
  • poor lighting conditions

Sharpen uses the subject mask.


Topaz Photo AI comes with five sharpen models, each trained for a different situation.


Best for low-to-medium soft and blurry images. This model is for all-purpose sharpening.

Standard v2

A new beta model which will replace Standard for low-to-medium blur images.


Best for medium blur and out-of-focus images. This model performs a medium strength sharpening to bring the image into focus.

Lens Blur

Good for medium-blur and out-of-focus images. This model performs a strong sharpening for blurry images.

Motion Blur

Good for medium-blur and streaking in images. This model performs a strong sharpening to correct movement.

Sharpen Models


Enable/disable Sharpen by clicking the toggle.

Sharpen Toggle

When turned on, Sharpen displays four AI models, a Strength slider, a Clean slider, the Subject Only toggle, and the Edit Subject button. Control the sharpen effect with these options.

  • Strength: increases detail. Too much sharpening can create an unrealistic result.
  • Minor Denoise: removes noisy pixels that hide details. This is for the Standard, Lens Blur, and Motion Blur models.
  • Subject Only: this toggle controls where sharpening is applied. Toggled on, only the subject is sharpened. Toggled off, the entire image is sharpened.
  • Edit Subject: opens the masking controls to change the subject mask.
Sharpen Controls

Alternatives For Sharpening

There are two alternatives if Sharpen over-sharpens the image or a low sharpening is needed:

  • Enable the Remove Noise filter and increase the Minor Deblur slider
  • Enable Enhance Resolution and increase the Minor Deblur slider

The Remove Noise - Minor Deblur slider increases sharpness for the entire image.

Remove Noise Detail Slider

The Enhance Resolution - Minor Deblur slider performs a slight sharpening on the entire image.

Enhance Resolution Remove Blur

Remove Noise - Raw & non-Raw

Subject Mask & Refine