The Sharpen filter detects existing details in the image and uses them to recreate details lost to blur.

Use it to save your blurry images caused by:

  • poor focus
  • movement during shooting
  • shallow depth of field
  • poor lighting conditions

Sharpen uses the subject mask.


Topaz Photo AI comes with two sharpen models, each trained for a different situation.


Best for low-to-medium soft and blurry images. This model is for all-purpose sharpening.


Best for medium blur and out-of-focus images. This model performs a medium strength sharpening to bring the image into focus.

Lens Blur

Good for medium-blur and out-of-focus images. This model performs a strong sharpening for blurry images.

Motion Blur

Good for medium-blur and streaking in images. This model performs a strong sharpening to correct movement.

Sharpen Models


Enable/disable Sharpen by clicking the toggle.

Sharpen Toggle

When turned on, Sharpen displays two AI models, a Strength slider, a Clarity slider, and the Subject Only toggle. Control the sharpen effect with these options.

Sharpen Controls

The Strength slider increases detail. Too much sharpening can create an unrealistic result.

The Clarity slider will clean up noisy pixels that hide details. This is for the Standard model only.

The Subject Only controls whether the subject mask is used for sharpening or if the entire image is sharpened.

Alternatives For Sharpening

There are two alternatives if Sharpen over-sharpens the image or a low sharpening is needed:

  • Enable the Remove Noise filter and increase the Detail slider
  • Enable Enhance Resolution and increase the Remove Blur slider

The Remove Noise Detail slider increases sharpness for the entire image.

Remove Noise Detail Slider

The Enhance Resolution Remove Blur slider performs a slight sharpening on the entire image.

Enhance Resolution Remove Blur

Remove Noise & Raw Remove Noise

Subject Mask & Refine