Autopilot & Configuration

Autopilot is your image quality specialist built into Topaz Photo AI. It analyzes your image for:

  • File type
  • Metadata - such as ISO, camera information, and lens information
  • Noise severity and type
  • Subject detection and blur level
  • Human faces and face quality
  • Image size and resolution

Autopilot displays the quality issues for the image, then picks the best filters and settings needed to optimize the image. Green lights appear next to Autopilot selected AI filters.

Autopilot Selected Settings

From the Autopilot section, you can:

  • view the subject mask by hovering over the "Subject" text
  • refine the subject mask by clicking "Refine"
Subject Mask
  • view the faces detected and selected for face recovery by hovering over the "Faces" text
  • select and deselect faces for recovery by clicking the "Select" text
Faces Selected

Configure Autopilot

Personalize Autopilot from the Preferences menu.

Open Topaz Photo AI. Go to Edit > Preferences > Autopilot.

Windows Preferences Menu
Autopilot Preferences Menu

Click the Save button after your changes to apply the current settings to all images in the current session and future sessions.

Subject Detection

Subject Detection controls the model used for subject masking and sharpening. Click on the dropdown menu to view the options.

  • Default: identifies and selects an object in focus
  • Portrait: identifies and selects people in focus
  • Landscape: identifies land or water in focus and deselects sky
  • None: no mask is created automatically

Face Detection

Face Detection controls which faces are automatically selected to recover and the default Face Recovery strength. Click the dropdown menu for face selection settings:

  • Auto: low quality faces are selected improved
  • All: all faces are selected and improved
  • Subject Only: faces in the subject mask are selected and improved
  • None: face detection is turned off and no faces are improved
Face Detection Menu


Sharpen controls when Autopilot enables the Sharpen filter.

Sharpen Autopilot


Auto-Upscaling controls when upscaling and enhance resolution are applied to your images.

  • Enhance Small Images: the default setting, automatically upscales small images
  • Set Output Size: set the pixel height, pixel width, or scale factor (2x, 4x, 6x) for all images on Autopilot
  • None: Autopilot does not upscale

Default Settings

Return Autopilot to normal behavior by clicking "Reset to default settings" at the bottom of the menu. This will set controls to:

  • Subject Detection: Default
  • Face Detection & Strength: Auto, 80
  • Sharpen: Medium (Blurry), High ( Very Blurry)
  • Auto-Upscaling: Enhance Small Images

User Interface

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