Preserve Text

The Preserve Text filter improves text to make it clear and easily readable.

It fixes the following text issues:

  • poor focus or motion blur
  • small text
  • low quality text
  • AI processing artifacts

Text Masking

Clicking Preserve Text will enable the model and open Text Selection.


Text Selection allows you to mask text in the image to process. Change the brush size for more control.

The Quick Select options are for images with significant amounts of text.

Text Selection


Topaz Photo AI comes with two Preserve Text models, each trained for a different situation.

Low Resolution

Best for small text with low pixel counts.


Best for text affected by quality issues such as blur, noise, or artifacts.

Preserve Text Models


Enable/disable Preserve Text by clicking the toggle.


After using Text Selection, Preserve Text will show Text Selected, Edit Selection, two AI models, and the Strength slider.

Preserve Text Controls

Hovering over Text Selected shows the masked areas with text.

Clicking Edit Selection opens the text masking menu.

The Strength slider increases text quality. Too much can make the text look unrealistic.

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