Enhance Resolution

This filter analyzes the image and intelligently generates new pixels to improve image quality. It cleans up imperfections due to minor noise and reduces blurry edges to increase detail.

When to Use

Enhance Resolution can be used without upscaling to:

  • reduce noise if Remove Noise removes fine details
  • increase details if Sharpen is over-sharpening your image.
  • make mild improvements to your image to increase quality further


Enable/disable Enhance Resolution by clicking the toggle.

Enhance Resolution Toggle

The Enhance Resolution filter comes with different models for different situations.


For medium-quality images from point-and-shoot cameras and older smartphones

High Fidelity

For high-quality images from DSLRs and most modern smartphones


For art and computer-generated images

Low Resolution

For low-quality images that have been highly compressed


These models can have up to three sliders to control the processing:

  • Suppress Noise: reduces noise in the image
  • Remove Blur: improves the details by correcting pixels on edges
  • Fix Compression: reduces distortion due to low starting quality
Enhance Resolution Controls

Recover Faces & Select Faces

Upscale & Crop