Upscale & Crop

The Upscaling menu appears at the bottom of the AI filter list.

The upper half displays:

  • input file size
  • original pixel dimensions
  • a button to access cropping

The lower half displays:

  • scale options, with shortcuts for upscaling 2x, 4x, 6x (Max)
  • pixel dimensions
  • estimated output file size

You can manually input the output scale and or width/height pixel dimensions.

Upscale Menu

Images can be downscaled (smaller than the original size). This will decrease the image quality and file size.

Topaz Photo AI will upscale your image width and height up to 6x, increasing the image pixels by 36x. The maximum image size it can output is 32,000x32,000 pixels (1024 megapixels).


Click the Crop button to enter the crop tool and change the input image size.


By default, the aspect ratio is locked to the dimensions of the original image. Click the dropdown to select commonly used aspect ratios.

Aspect Ratios

Select Custom or click the lock to freely change and move the crop area.

Aspect Ratio Lock

Move the crop handles to change the crop area.

Crop Handles

Click the Apply Crop button to save the selection.

Enhance Resolution