Recover Faces & Select Faces

This filter detects faces in your image and increases face quality.

Autopilot Settings

Autopilot face detection and strength are controlled from the following menu:

Open Topaz Photo AI and go to the Edit > Preferences > Autopilot menu.

The Face Detection menu will let you control which faces are selected by Topaz Photo AI to recover automatically and the strength of face recovery.

Face Detection Menu

The face selection settings are:

  • Auto: low quality faces are selected improved
  • All: all faces are selected and improved
  • Subject Only: faces in the subject mask are selected and improved
  • None: face detection is turned off and no faces are improved

Set the default strength to your preference.

Select Faces

Hover over the "Faces" text in the autopilot to view the faces detected.

  • faces selected for processing are outlined in yellow.
  • deselected faces are outlined in grey.
  • low confidence faces are outlined in dim grey.

By default, only high confidence faces are selected for recovery. Low confidence faces must be added manually for recovery.

View Detected Faces

To select/deselect faces for processing, click the Select button in Autopilot section or in the Recover Faces filter and open the Select Faces menu.

Select Button

Decide which faces to recover in this menu. In general, pick important faces to improve and leave the rest to become part of the background.

Select Faces

Click on a face to select it. The buttons in the right menu let you quickly select or deselect faces.

  • Select All faces enables every face for recovery, including low confidence faces
  • Select High Confidence Faces picks faces which are easily detected by the face detection model
  • Select None deselects all faces and turns off Face Recovery

Apply your changes by clicking the Apply button at the bottom.

Face Recovery

This filter improves faces in the image by detecting details in the face and constructing a high quality version that is blended with the current face. For best results, control the strength to blend the generated face with the original face and the rest of the image. This creates a realistic, high quality result.

Subject Mask & Refine

Enhance Resolution